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Herbal Consultations

Initial Consultation

An initial herbal consult is a very in-depth look at persons health, to ascertain the root of the persons ill health and how to bring it back into balance.

Each system is examined through a series of questions, along with a full understanding of ones diet.

Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic methods are implemented to further gain an understanding of the persons internal organ health, through tongue, pulse and facial diagnosis.

It is important to note that one does not need to be ill to require herbs, they can enhance a persons vitality too.

Follow Up Consultation

An indepth understanding of how the herbal formula is affecting the persons internal environment is ascertained.

Further lifestyle advice and herbal protocols are given.

Remedies - Prices

  • Herbal Formula 500ml - €55.00
  • Herbal Formula 400ml - €45.00
  • Herbal Formula 300ml - €35.00
  • Herbal Formula 200ml - €25.00
  • Herbal Tea 50g - €5.00
  • Essential Oil Blend 30ml - €10.00

* At Nore therapies, we are conscientious of the effects of waste on the environment, so for those who return their bottles to be reused there will be a €2 discount on the price of their formula.

Ready to book your Herbal Consultation?

Initial Consultation

€90.00 90 Min.

Follow Up Consultation

€50.00 60 Min.

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