Welcome to Nore Therapies

I offer relief of pain, anxiety and ill health through natural therapies. Whether you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, a long standing health condition, or are constantly stressed out, I am here to make your life a little easier.

Remaining in constant pain is not an option, no-one wants to have aches or pains.
Why live with a health issue when there is something you can do about it?
An individualised treatment plan is what you get when you attend Nore Therapies. Being a multi-disciplinary clinic there’s a range of modalities that can be used to bring your body back into balance.

Pain and high stress will be a distant memory after receiving this personalised treatment.



  • Delia is an amazing person. The best part of my experience was that she focuses to treat the cause rather than working on the symptoms caused by the underlying issue. I feel so relaxed even after so many days. Usually, when I get a massage anywhere else the pain would be back in a day or two. Would highly recommend her services to people who really want to treat their pain rather than temporarily suspending it!