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Nore Therapies Reset (NTR)

This package is of the highest caliber, it will ground and center you for days to come. NTR is for the person who hasn’t been feeling themselves for a while, due to illness or a busy lifestyle and is looking to reset their entire system. A complete package that acknowledges we need physical and energetic attention, internal treatment and lifestyle rebalancing to become whole again. Included is:

  • Filtered water*/herbal tea upon arrival and throughout consult
  • A full herbal consultation
  • 4 week customised herbal formula
  • Bach flower remedy (in herbal formula)
  • 100g of herbal tea
  • Lifestyle and nutrition advice
  • A full body massage and Energy rebalancing

On completion of the herbal remedies, it is advised to return for a follow up consult, though not mandatory. However if you are feeling as amazing I suspect you will, a regular schedule of herbs, physical or energetic treatment will allow you to maintain that wonderful feeling. If a follow up appointment is desired please note pricing schedule below.

*Filtered water has been filtered by reverse osmosis

Remedies - Prices

  • Herbal Formula 500ml - €55.00
  • Herbal Formula 400ml - €45.00
  • Herbal Formula 300ml - €35.00
  • Herbal Formula 200ml - €25.00
  • Herbal Tea 50g - €5.00
  • Essential Oil Blend 30ml - €10.00

* At Nore therapies, we are conscientious of the effects of waste on the environment, so for those who return their bottles to be reused there will be a €2 discount on the price of their formula.

Ready to book your Nore Therapies Reset?

4 Hours

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